One Bishop’s Example

Here is a flowchart I created for an upcoming article I wrote Leading Saints (I’ll link to that article after it’s published), illustrating one example of how a bishop might administer welfare.

I have never served as a bishop–this came from working as a bishop’s counselor and observing his philosophies, principles, and practices. This is NOT meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution; it is simply my mapping of ONE bishop’s approach. We did not use a called self-reliance or employment specialist, etc., so that is not represented in this chart. Your ward may have a great person serving in that capacity–if so, great! I would love for you to click the link below which I have set up for you to create your own copy of the flowchart, modify to illustrate how you do it, and send it my way. Instructions are below.

I am open to feedback.

(PS: The “Self-Reliance Plan” form referenced in the flowchart was formerly referred to as a “Needs and Resources Analysis” form. The bishop’s guide to this form is found here.)

Download .png here
Download .pdf here.

Create your own!

I want to see what you’re doing in your unit. To that end, I have created a non-editable copy of this flowchart that you can copy and modify to your heart’s content.

Note: I’m 99% sure that you will need a Google Account.

Step One: Click this link.

Step Two: Click the “Authorize” link to allow Google Drive to use the service.

Step Three: Entering your Google Account credentials may be required.

Step Four: After signed in, you will be viewing the read-only copy of my flowchart. To create your own copy, click File> Make a Copy…

Step Five: Rename your file to whatever you would like it to be, and save it to whatever service you use; I use Google Drive. You are now on your own editable copy.

Step Six: Make your changes.

Step Seven: Sharing can be done by clicking the “Share” button, or clicking
(1) File> Share…
(2) File> Export as> (choose file type), or
(3) File> Publish

Step Eight: Send your file or link to me! (please): genkibrady [at] gmail [dot] com

Step Nine: When you send your file/link to me, please let me know if I can share this information online, either in a future Leading Saints article, here on my Genkibrady page, or on social media.

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